A part of our production is made up of electrical harness with signal wirings, using cables with a dimension starting from AWG 28 (equivalent to 0.08 mm²), up to 8 mm² sections.

The department dedicated to the cutting/splicing/crimping of these cables is made up of 7 highly specialised automated machine lines, of which one is equipped with an automatic tin welding, 3 ultrasonic welding machines, 2 semi-automatic presses and a fleet of more than 350 mini-applicators.

This investment in technology allows us to be more competitive on the market in terms of speed and flexibility.

Semi-finished parts produced by this department go on to make up cables that vary greatly in type, from small products for electronics, to complicated auxiliary products which make up the main parts of a vehicle.

All cables of this type are assembled on drafting and electrical testing boards, that allow for fast and precise production, characterised by high quality standards.